Jeremy Luscombe_

Digital marketer, SEO


Thanks for popping by. If you're an employer and here to check out my resume, click here. Otherwise, hang tight. This is where I plan to write about some digital topics that I am into, but it's a work in progress!

This is my professional website. I'm in the process of creating a personal website here, where I will be talking about digital minimalism and independence (remember when the internet wasn't just 5 websites, well this is my contribution). Email me here if you fancy a chat.


I've had a varied career that has spanned a bunch of disciplines and technologies, but here are some: technical SEO, Wordpress, Bootstrap, SASS, Javascript, JQuery, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Link Building & Strategy, Content Marketing, Shopify.

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University Of New South Wales

Bachelor of Media in Communication & Journalism (With Distinction)

Sydney Boys High School


About me

Senior Digital Exec
Execution of digital strategy & campaigns for SaaS startup in social healthcare. Management and development of flagship website.


Digital Marketing Manager
Responsible for management of marketing department at interior design firm - executing SMM, SEO & PPC campaigns in highly competitive London market. 500% increase in link profile; 200% increase year-on year conversion rate; 35-point increase in DR during tenure.


Digital Media Analyst / Account Manager
Social media analyst for Sydney-based media intelligence firm SR7, now part of KPMG. Analytical research and reporting into risk associated with companies' social media assets.

Website Manager & Journalist
Intership at Australian online news outlet. Proofing, editing and publishing of journalist-submitted content.